Are you looking at recreational property for sale in Colorado? Thousands of people are flocking to Colorado each year with the same mindset. They want to access the beauty of the state right from their backyards.

But, before you make an offer on recreational land that won’t suit your needs, read up on the considerations and think about your goals. Do you want to invest in land and wait for it to appreciate, or do you intend to turn it into a recreational paradise straight away? Here’s what you need to know:

Where to Buy Recreational Land

When it comes to land for sale, Colorado is a fantastic place to look. More specifically, Western Colorado is the perfect place to find recreational land for sale that suits every lifestyle. We have everything from grassy plains to snowy mountains, some of the country’s best fishing lakes, four gorgeous seasons, lots of sunshine, and a growing population filled with ambition to get outdoors.

Low inventory and rising prices dominate the current Colorado real estate market, giving Colorado land sellers the upper hand in negotiations. Between 2021 and 2022, the average sales price for properties in Delta County increased 22.9%.

If you’re selling land in Colorado, you have a wide buyer pool, and if you’re looking at recreational land for sale, you should pull the trigger before prices rise or someone else scoops it up.

Is Recreational Land a Good Investment?

Recreational land in Colorado is always a good investment because it’s guaranteed to serve your needs, it will almost always appreciate, and it can generate income. However, if you want to reap the benefits of buying recreational land in Colorado, ask yourself these five questions.

1. How Do You Intend to Use the Land?

Before buying recreational property for sale in Colorado, ask yourself, “What is my objective?” Do you intend to build a house and live on the land? Hunt, fish, or ski? Rent it out to farmers or ranchers? Charge others for recreational use? The answers to these questions will help you budget for expenses, acquire the proper permits, set up utilities, get the right insurance, and understand what you’re buying.

2. Can Recreational Land Be Built On?

Whether you plan to build your dream home, an off-grid cabin for recreational activity goers, or infrastructure to support other recreational uses, you need to understand the zoning laws of your recreational property before you buy. Zoning laws, covenants, codes, and restrictions all determine how you can use your land and what you can build.

3. Are Utilities Available?

If you intend to build a liveable or rentable structure on your land, you need to ensure proper access to utilities. You can either purchase Colorado land with existing utilities or make sure it can have utilities installed. You should budget for:

  • Water
  • Sewer and Septic
  • Electricity
  • Cable and Satellite
  • Gas or Propane

4. What Are Your Colorado Water Rights?

Colorado has strict water laws that govern how you can use a specific water source, even if it’s on your property. These laws mandate water use for environmental protection, recreational use, municipal use, and storage. If you’re buying recreational land in Colorado, you should ask your broker about the water rights to ensure you have enough to do what you need. This is especially relevant if you want to rent the land for recreation like fishing.

Maximize Your Colorado Land Purchase

Are you buying or selling recreational land in Colorado? Let’s have a conversation about your goals to see if we have a listing that meets your needs or how United Country Real Estate Western Land & Lifestyle Properties can market your property to find the right buyer and secure the best price.