Our Strategic Approach to
Real Estate Marketing

At United Country Real Estate Western Land & Lifestyle Properties, our award-winning real estate marketing strategy has put our Colorado real estate office on the map. Every move, post, advertisement, connection, and share is calculated. We go above and beyond to put your property in front of buyers who crave the lifestyle it affords and are willing to pay a premium to have it. We invest in high-return real estate marketing for every property we sell, from professional listing presentations to search engine optimization to a thought leadership strategy that gives me and your property the utmost authority in the Western Colorado real estate market.

Listing Presentation

Your property's online appearance determines whether most buyers call me to set up a showing or click on the next listing. More than 90% of modern real estate buyers begin their search online. With me, your property's online listing covers all the bases required to move potential buyers onto the next stage of the sales funnel.

Professional Real Estate Photos

Professional Real Estate Photos

Property photos make or break the first impression on potential buyers. I professionally shoot and edit my listing photos to showcase crisp, vibrant colors and highlight the details that sell.

Video Walkthroughs

Videos take potential buyers deeper into your property's story. YouTube is the world's second-largest search engine after Google. Listings without video are missing out on millions of opportunities to be seen by potential buyers.

Video Walkthroughs
Search Engine Optimized Listing Descriptions

Search Engine Optimized Listing Descriptions

A well-written property description serves two critical purposes: presentation and searchability. First, it tells the story of your property and the surrounding area. Secondly, and more importantly, the description determines how search engines rank and display your property. Google scans millions of websites looking for keywords and phrases that match a buyer’s search query. We constantly research what buyers search for and inject your listing post with those high-volume terms.

Interactive Mapping

Buyers want a way to see how your property relates to the world around it – property lines, special features, improvements, waterways, proximity to the town, etc. I develop an interactive map for my listings on which buyers can zoom in and out, change map views, and even get a 3D perspective of the property.

Interactive Mapping
Interior Virtual Tours

Interior Virtual Tours

Interior virtual tours allow a buyer to move throughout your home and see how each room connects and flows. My home listings include an HD virtual tour shot with a 3D camera to simulate being on the property in person.

Drone Photography and Videography

Imagine your property from an aerial perspective – beautiful views, expansive landscapes, everything your property has to offer. Drone photography and videography captivate buyers. I am an FAA-certified drone operator and carry insurance to protect myself and my clients.

Drone Photography and Videography

Genesis Award Winners for Excellence
in Marketing & Branding

Our innovative real estate marketing strategy puts our brokerage and your listing on the map. We were awarded the United Country Real Estate Genesis Award for excellence in marketing and branding, a national recognition that corroborates our comprehensive marketing efforts.


Cross-Posting the Listing for Maximum Exposure

After optimizing your listing post for engagement and searchability, it's time to place it in front of vetted potential buyers. Through my real estate marketing strategy and United Country Real Estate's technology, I pinpoint the buyers that know where they want to buy and those that know what they want to buy.

Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) caters to buyers that know where they want to buy real estate. Once uploaded to the MLS, your listing is viewable by other real estate brokers that may be working with buyers in the local market.

Third-Party Syndicated Websites

The MLS syndicates your listing to dozens of independently-operated websites, like Zillow, Trulia,, and others. These websites, which get billions of visitors every month, enable buyers to search for your property by location.

United Country Special Property Group Websites

United Country Real Estate has 40 different websites to display listings by specific property types, catering to buyers who know what kind of property they want to purchase. Displaying listings from over 3,500 agent and brokerage websites throughout the nation, our SPG websites have unmatched SEO power and rank number one for nearly every relevant key search term.

United Country Real Estate Western Land & Lifestyle Properties

United Country Real Estate Western Land & Lifestyle Properties is a central hub for my and my associate brokers' listings in Western Colorado. As the owner of this real estate brokerage, I take special care to optimize our listing copy and blog posts to rank for high-volume regional search terms. We've published dozens of articles to establish credibility with our real estate clients and give us legitimacy with search engines.

Colorado Country Broker

My Colorado Country Broker brand showcases the Western Colorado lifestyle associated with your property. My custom website ranks for hundreds of key search terms. We update it weekly with fresh content to answer buyers' and sellers' burning questions about maximizing their investments in the local real estate market.

Promoting the Listing

Our comprehensive real estate marketing and advertising strategies show your property to millions of local and national buyers. We maximize exposure with deliberate messaging over digital and print mediums.

Email Marketing to Exclusive Buyer Databases

United Country Real Estate collects information about buyers interested in your specific property type and location. I can access this database and send emails about your listing and others to a vetted audience of buyers who have already indicated an interest in what we're selling.

Direct Mail Marketing

As soon as I post your property listing, I mail Just Listed letters to every address in the surrounding area. These letters alert friends and neighbors of the new listing if they or someone they know may be looking to buy. The best local advertising comes from word-of-mouth, and what better way to spread that word than to notify the people closest to your property?

Print Advertising

United Country Real Estate Western Land & Lifestyle Properties advertise our listings in select real estate magazines that reach interested buyers worldwide.

United Country Real Estate Catalog

Founded in 1925 as United Farm Agency, United Country Real Estate still publishes the nation's oldest real estate catalog. The first edition is in the Smithsonian Museum! Our bi-annual real estate catalog is directly mailed to over 1 million subscribers worldwide.

Real Estate Today Magazine

United Country Real Estate Western Land & Lifestyle Properties places a monthly ad in Real Estate Today Magazine, a local publication with distribution across the state of Colorado.

National and Regional Real Estate Magazines

Depending on your property type and location, we periodically place ads in other publications such as Land, Haven Colorado Lifestyles, Open Fences, Farm & Ranch, Cowboys & Indians, and more.

Digital Real Estate Marketing and Branding

My digital marketing strategy strikes a careful balance between promoting your listing, showcasing the Western Colorado lifestyle it affords, and establishing credibility for myself and my brokerage to drive traffic to our active listings. I work directly with a branding agency and in-house marketing director to define marketing campaigns and design content for multiple owned and earned media outlets.



I maintain a rolling content calendar for United Country Real Estate Western Land & Lifestyle Properties and Colorado Country Broker to ensure consistent posts and cohesive content themes. We create weekly blog posts to solidify our search ranking for keywords relevant to your property and promote our industry knowledge to answer your and potential buyers' questions.

Social Media

Active on every social media platform, we post consistently to engage our audience and increase our influence. With separate channels for Colorado Country Broker and United Country Real Estate Western Land & Lifestyle Properties, we effectively reach buyers and sellers, educating, entertaining, promoting, and celebrating our respective niches within the Western Colorado Real Estate market. Dual social media channels and targeted posts keep us highly visible to potential buyers and sellers whenever they need our services.

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Social Media

Sell Your Property with the Best in the West

Our real estate marketing strategy optimizes every touchpoint with potential buyers to maximize your listing's exposure and help you sell for the highest possible price. To learn more about how you can benefit from our cutting-edge marketing platforms, get in touch with me today.