What if you could hunt in your backyard? What if, next hunting season, you didn’t have to cram your buddies in the back of your pickup truck and drive 2 hours into the mountains? Instead, you can roll out of bed, get dressed, and walk out of your door to your favorite activity.

Western Colorado is a hot spot for avid hunters and investors searching for hunting properties for sale, whether to hunt on their private land or sell hunting access to others. Of the top 48 GMUs for big game hunting based on the number of bulls or the success rate, 43 are located in the western half of Colorado. In fact, GMU 421, which spans part of the Grand Mesa, ranked 21st for the number of bulls in 2017-2019.

Long story short, Western Colorado is a great place to hunt and a great place to start looking for hunting properties for sale. Here’s what you need to know.

Can You Hunt on Your Own Property?

Yes, you can hunt on your own property in Western Colorado. You just need the appropriate license for what you’re hunting in whatever GMU your property is located.

As a property owner, the state of Colorado will give you first priority in obtaining a hunting permit for your GMU. Since there are limited licenses available for certain GMUs during specified seasons and for different species, all other hunters must apply and are awarded hunting permits for a specified season through a drawing process.

Do Hunting Seasons Apply to Private Property?

Hunting seasons do apply to private property owners in Colorado, but there are still several perks associated with owning hunting land. For example, I live on 60 acres in GMU 411. When rifle season rolls around, I have first priority to obtain a hunting permit for that GMU. Furthermore, I am the only one who can hunt on my property within GMU 411, which means I don’t have to compete with other hunters for any game that is on my land. Even though other hunters can obtain a hunting permit for GMU 411, they cannot exercise that permit on my property without express permission.

Furthermore, if you own more than 160 contiguous acres, you can apply for additional tags – called landowner tags – and sell them to other hunters. That’s a great way to make money off of your land while still enjoying all the benefits yourself!

Finding Hunting Properties For Sale in Colorado

If you’re wondering where to buy hunting land, wonder no longer. Western Colorado is here, and we have plenty of hunting properties for sale that fit your needs. Hunters and real estate investors alike can find tons of quality hunting and fishing properties for sale with United Country Real Estate Western Land & Lifestyle Properties.

Browse some of my hunting property listings here. If you see one you like, call me at 970-986-2955 or email rob@coloradocountrybroker.com to set up a showing.