Over the past few years, many Americans have traded the fast-paced city life for the countryside, chasing more space, entrepreneurial opportunities, and a lower cost of living. One study found that one in every five people living in a rural setting relocated from a city or suburban area when the pandemic started.

As a real estate broker in Western Colorado, I’ve also observed an uptick in our region’s popularity. Buyers are hoping to secure more land at a reasonable price and pursue a more sustainable lifestyle that isn’t accessible in most cities.

Why Move to the Country?

The country’s always been here, so why are people moving now? Historically, people needed to live where they worked, so they flocked to cities with big populations and thriving job markets. However, in 2020, when the pandemic forced people to work from home, companies and employees adapted, many realizing that they can be just as productive and even save money on office space working remotely.

When people are no longer tethered to their office locations, they tend to gravitate toward the freedoms and opportunities available in rural areas. According to a recent poll by Paulsen and Audience Audit, 66% of Americans would consider moving to a rural home or a subdivision.

What People Need in a Town

To further corroborate the fact that working remotely drives people to rural areas, the poll also looked at what people need in a town. Unsurprisingly, 67% of respondents said that the most important amenity was a high-speed internet connection (Did I mention that Cedaredge, Colorado has high-speed fiber available?). Additionally, respondents cited that they also value employment opportunities and access to shopping and amenities.

Better Properties Available

One of the biggest perks of moving to the country is having access to more land and more diverse properties than are available in the city. What comes with land is access to a more sustainable lifestyle – having backyard chickens, planting an herb garden, growing fresh vegetables, etc. The same survey revealed that 56% of respondents want to own 1-5 acres and 12% want to own more than 5 acres.

Other Factors Influencing the Rural Migration

In addition to owning more house and land for less money, the country has a lot of other advantages. For one, there are fewer people, which gives small businesses a better chance to shine, is correlated with a lower crime rate, reduces traffic and commute times, and gives you a better chance to get to know your community. You also experience more nature, clean air and water, and access to recreational activities in your backyard.

If you’re thinking about moving to the country from the city, Western Colorado is a fantastic place to hang your hat. We have dozens of diverse small towns and cities, year-round recreational opportunities, and friendly communities that welcome newcomers. But, we’re also small enough that you can own land, start a successful business, know your neighbors, and drive to the mountains every weekend without fighting traffic. Western Colorado is truly the best of all worlds.

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