You just purchased your dream home. You moved in, are getting settled, and then the unthinkable happens – a major appliance breaks. You’ve just spent your entire nest egg on the down payment and closing costs. What do you do?

Let’s flip the script. You just put your house up for sale. Your real estate broker is confident you’ll make a profit and is fielding calls for showings left and right. You receive an amazing offer, but just as you’re signing the papers to accept it, a major appliance breaks. What do you do?

Whether you’re a real estate buyer or seller, in each of the above scenarios, a home warranty plan would have covered the appliance breakdown. If the seller of a home purchases a home warranty plan before listing their house for sale, the plan will not only protect the seller in case of breaks and failures but will remain in effect for the new buyers. Hint – that’s a huge selling point!

Are Home Warranty Plans Worth It for Sellers?

Home warranty plans not only protect sellers from breaks and failures during the selling process, but they act as a catalyst for selling quickly and at or above the listing price. According to Global Home USA Warranty data, having a home warranty plan reduces the selling time by more than 15% and increases the odds of selling by more than 29%.

How Does Home Warranty Work for Buyers?

Whether your new home comes with a home warranty plan or you purchase one yourself, it protects you against unknown breaks and failures of major appliances and systems. 66% of home buyers experience two major system failures within the first year of ownership, which means protection is paramount.

There are several kinds of home warranty plans that cover various systems and appliances. For example, Global Home USA Warranty’s Gold Plan provides sensible coverage for the most critical systems and appliances. On the other hand, the Elite Plan provides comprehensive coverage for nearly everything in your home, including nondetected, pre-existing conditions.

A home warranty plan is the ultimate form of protection for home buyers because it’s much more affordable to purchase a home warranty than it is to repair most of what the plan covers. Say your air conditioning system breaks – having a home warranty plan will save you between $885 and $2,235 on repair and replacement. The Global Home USA Warranty’s Gold Plan costs $465 and includes central air conditioning system coverage. The average cost to repair a central air conditioning system is $1,350 and to replace one is $2,700.

What Home Warranty Should I Buy?

While many home warranty plans exist on the market, United Country Real Estate’s exclusive partnership with Global Home USA Warranty is attractive for buyers and sellers alike. We’ve vetted all the leading home warranty providers to ensure our partner delivers the most comprehensive coverage, affordable prices, and prompt customer service.

For more information about home warranties and to explore Global Home USA Warranty’s offerings, download my flyer and contact me. I’ll help you make the connection!

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