I’ll be frank. I am writing this blog post to dispel the misconception that a strong, national marketing strategy only benefits specialty and luxury real estate listings. Because it doesn’t matter if you’re selling a $200,000 home in Cedaredge or a $7M equestrian property in the mountains; we market every property to its target buyers to help our sellers get the best price.

5 Reasons Why Every Property Benefits From National Marketing

When I refer to our national real estate marketing strategy, I’m not suggesting that every property needs national exposure. Rather, I’m referring to what’s happening behind the scenes at our real estate office. Our real estate office reaches a national audience of buyers and sellers, and select properties that are more inclined to an out-of-state buyer reach a national audience.

Even local properties that appeal to local buyers benefit from that national audience. When people visit our website, see our ads, or follow us on social media, they help us build a stronger foundation to reach buyers of all kinds – local and otherwise.

1. Website Traffic is Website Traffic

The more people who visit our website for one page, the more traffic we receive on other pages. Our real estate SEO strategy earns more than 40,000 organic website visitors every month on ColoradoCountryBroker.com alone (not counting the millions of visitors to UnitedCountry.com and our sister sites). Even though not all 40,000 people are itching to purchase a home for sale in Western Colorado, they give our website more credibility, which makes it more likely to show up when interested buyers start shopping online.

2. We Never Just Target One Buyer

While we may try to reach a real estate investor on the other side of the country with a luxury ranch listing, we’re not trying to reach that same buyer for an in-town home. Every post, ad, flyer, billboard, and article we create plays a large role in targeting a small subset of interested buyers and a small role in our larger real estate marketing strategy. While we’re waiting for postcards to reach another state to market our luxury ranch listing, we’re busy developing social media posts that reach people in Western Colorado for our in-town home on the Cedaredge golf course.

3. We Sell Lifestyle

United Country Real Estate Western Land & Lifestyle Properties exists to market and sell the Western Colorado lifestyle. That lifestyle looks different for every potential buyer. Some buyers want to be able to walk to Main Street for a coffee every morning. Some buyers want to be able to ride their horses on the BLM land behind their cabin. Every property has a unique opportunity and buyer waiting to take hold of it – it’s my job as a real estate broker to find and leverage it.

4. Our Property Presentation Skills Translate

Professional photography, drone videography, storytelling, graphic design, and social media are all essential real estate marketing skills that benefit all kinds of Colorado properties for sale. We treat luxury real estate listings and standard residential real estate listings to the exact same property presentation package. This approach ensures that our luxury real estate listings shine and our local real estate listings stand out and sell for what they’re worth.

5. Our Marketing Strategy is Celebrated

We spend countless hours perfecting our real estate marketing strategy to deliver excellent results for every seller of every property, and we wouldn’t change a thing about it. We’re just thankful that our clients and fellow professionals recognize our dedication to excellence. Recently, I won the United Country Real Estate Genesis Award for excellence in marketing and branding, and my brokerage won the Delta County Independent’s award for the Best Residential Real Estate Firm.

If you’re looking for a Western Colorado realty expert who will roll out the red carpet for your listing regardless of its location, size, or market value, let me introduce myself. I’m Robert Gash, a broker, and real estate marketing specialist in Western Colorado. I would love the opportunity to list your property, market its lifestyle attributes, and help you earn the best price.