So, you want to buy a horse property? Maybe you just have the idea, or maybe you’ve started browsing horse ranches for sale in Colorado and are at a complete loss. That’s okay – I’m here to clear things up.

The definition of a horse property is rather indefinite, and most people (and many real estate brokers) interpret it as any property that can house a horse. Unfortunately, as a buyer, you’re probably not in the market for any property that can house a horse – you probably want a dedicated horse ranch.

What to Know About Horse Ranches For Sale in Colorado

When you start your search for a horse property, you should have a conversation with your real estate broker to nail down your wants, needs, and limitations. This conversation will serve to weed out properties with deed and zoning restrictions that may prevent you from utilizing it the way you wish. For instance, some properties restrict the placement of community horse trails, the number of horses allowed, and the commercial use of horses and equestrian facilities.

Get the Lay of the Land and Outbuildings

Just like the definition of a horse property is foggy, so is what constitutes an equestrian enthusiast. Do you want a horse property near BLM for casual trail rides or do you board and train horses for a living? An equestrian hobbyist has much different needs than a professional horse trainer.

Once you decide how you want to use your horse property, you can start looking at the land and facilities in a new light. Pay attention to:

  • The land’s proximity to BLM, National Forests and trails.
  • The barn’s condition, including stall size, partitions, hayloft, and other functional elements.
  • Whether there are existing or is space for caretaker’s quarters.
  • Whether the number of available pastures can support the number of horses that will graze them (I recommend an acre for every two horses).
  • Storage buildings, such as a barn, sheds, shops, and outbuildings.

How To Buy Horse Property

If you want to buy a horse property, the first step is connecting with a broker who specializes in Western Colorado realty and lifestyle properties. A qualified, experienced ranch broker can help you evaluate properties from a rancher’s perspective as opposed to direct you to every listing classified as an equestrian or horse property.

Next, you need to make a detailed list of things you need in a horse property and how you intend to use it. For example, if you train horses for a living, you most likely need an equestrian facility, a barn with multiple stalls, and land that is zoned to allow commercial equestrian pursuits. Alternatively, if you casually ride your own horses, you might only need a small barn and want land close to BLM and local trails.

Finally, you want to narrow your search for horse ranches for sale in Colorado to those in desirable areas, where equestrian activities are welcome and real estate prices are appreciating. The Western Slope of Colorado has a low population, thriving agriculture, lots of land, and a year-over-year sales price increase of over 30%.

What are some features you want in your horse property? Contact me below to see how I can help you find a horse property that checks your boxes. Or, if you’re selling a horse property in Colorado, let’s talk about how to market it to the right buyers.