The internet makes it possible for anyone to share a curated highlight reel of their life. Between photo editing applications, smartphones that can capture hundreds of photographs of a single moment, and an audience glued to their screens, most everyone goes above and beyond to make others gawk over their online persona.

We spend so much time and energy posting and lurking online as people, you’d think that most real estate agents would allocate some of it to creating remarkable online presences for their listings too. I often wonder why that’s not the case regarding real estate listing presentation.

According to the National Association of Realtors, 97% of all homebuyers used the internet in their home search. That means your listing needs to show up and stand out during the initial stages of search and information gathering, and it needs to be compelling enough to convince buyers to schedule a showing.

While the blueprint for what makes a great real estate listing presentation is easy to find and digest, not many real estate brokers are paying attention. I, on the other hand, take every opportunity to polish my listing presentation to help buyers find the listing, understand the pertinent details, and explore the property in all of its glory.

Make Sure Buyers Can Find Your Listing

A properly optimized website with highly searched keywords will show up in the search results for buyers looking for that specific property type or answers to a specific question. For example, if I’m listing a horse property, I know I should include the phrase “horse farms for sale near me” because it has between 1K-10K monthly searches. Similarly, I know to include “home in the mountains” in any listing that is on a mountain because that phrase has between 10K-100K monthly searches.

Your Listing Photos and Videos Compel a Click

Quality photos and videos align your property’s online presence with its actual market value, keeping potential buyers engaged and increasing the likelihood of a conversion. A million-dollar listing with poorly executed photos looks overpriced online. On the flip side, a million-dollar listing with professional photos makes buyers anxious to see it in person and jump on the opportunity before it’s gone.

I take ample pride in producing high-quality property photos and videos. Throughout my career as a Colorado real estate broker, I’ve invested thousands of dollars and hours into my DSLR camera, 3D imaging capabilities, editing software, and my drone and FAA drone operator license.

Backed by buyers and sellers throughout the years, I believe my listing presentation is a key differentiator that sets my listings apart, helps them reach buyers, and encourages potential buyers to take action. But, you can form your own opinion.

Below are some collages that showcase the difference between real estate photos shot in natural light (although still with professional equipment) and my photos shot using professional gear and edited using the “flambinet” technique. Which photos would make you want to click on the listing?

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