Good real estate brokers establish local connections, maintain solid reputations, and do a good job selling local houses. The best real estate brokers, however, leverage local connections for bigger listings, work tirelessly to make a national impact online, and can sell all kinds of small, niche, or luxury real estate because they know how to pinpoint buyers across the country.

The best real estate brokers have a wide reach and know when to use it. That’s why they excel in specialty real estate transactions.

Niche Listings Must Reach Out of State

While you may have hundreds of people in your local market looking to purchase an in-town home for sale, finding hundreds of local buyers for a 600-acre, off-grid hunting property is nearly impossible. Western Colorado already has a small population of buyers, and the specificity of that property will steer most locals away unless they’re looking for something particular.

Luckily, even local real estate agents can leverage out-of-state buyers who may also be looking for something particular. When you have a niche property such as this hunting property, you must optimize the listing to reach out of state, widening your potential buyer pool. While we might not have hundreds of Cedaredge, Colorado locals rushing to the gates of our off-grid hunting property, we may have buyers across the nation Googling, “off-grid hunting properties for sale.”

Luxury Real Estate May Appeal to National Investors

Luxury real estate often follows a similar path, requiring real estate brokers to reach outside their local market and promote the property to potential buyers nationwide. If you live in a town with a population of 2,000, and even 5% of those residents are actively looking at real estate, the odds are that they are not looking to purchase a luxury horse ranch for $6 million.

Real estate brokers must understand that many luxury real estate listings may appeal to investors on a national level, and they must do everything in their power to make their listings visible. For example, we invest in a real estate SEO strategy, which involves injecting our listing copy with high-volume keywords so people around the nation can find our website via search.

To Market Locally or Nationally?

While national exposure does help niche and luxury real estate listings find buyers and sell faster, not every listing requires a national real estate marketing and advertising campaign. Some listings fit the demographics of your local buyer market, like in-town homes or new builds on the golf course.

If you’re wondering how to be the best real estate broker, the answer is simple: you must know how to differentiate your real estate marketing strategy to help the right listings reach the right buyers. For instance, a seasoned real estate investor won’t care or even try to find a listing for a single-family home in a small town. That listing will fare much better with a local marketing campaign for families in the area.

A real estate broker who knows how to market locally and nationally gives every listing, no matter the size, price, or location, the best chance to sell. Even if you’re selling a small home in Delta County, a broker who has invested in a national marketing strategy has stronger connections, better visibility, and a proven promotional strategy to find the right buyers.

To learn more about our real estate SEO strategy, check out this blog post, “How We Win the Internet.”

How You Can Know Which Real Estate Agent to Choose

When you want to sell your property and you’re browsing reviews, websites, and profiles of local real estate agents, ask yourself who you think is the most capable of putting your listing in front of the buyers who want it. If you have an in-town home, who can take eye-catching real estate photos to help it stand out against other homes for sale? If you have a luxury ranch, who can write weekly blog posts about different uses to find buyers online across the country?

United Country Real Estate Western Land & Lifestyle Properties can do both. We not only won the 2021 Genesis Award for best marketing and branding, but we have a track record of successful sales – from small rural homes to million-dollar hunting properties. When you’re ready to sell, contact me to discuss your real estate marketing strategy.