In 2007, when I moved from the Denver area to a 60-acre ranch in Cedaredge, Colorado, the thing I remember most vividly was the stars at night. Away from the light pollution in the city, I could, for the first time in many years, see every star in perfect detail, heavily contrasting the night sky.

Last night, one of my sellers sent me a stunning photo of The Big Dipper over his property in Delta, Colorado. This 44-acre horse property sits against the Adobe Badlands at the base of the Grand Mesa, surrounded by nature and incredible views.

As a real estate broker, I page through my fair share of properties for sale in Western Colorado. Seeing so many staged property photos and filters can sometimes make me long for just how breathtaking the natural landscapes are here.

While my primary goal as a listing broker is to help my clients market and sell their lifestyle properties, I also advocate for buyers to pursue the lifestyle living here affords.

This photo inspired me to share why I believe that the Western Slope is Colorado’s hidden gem when it comes to the best rural places to live – why a country-style home can’t achieve what a country home can.

William Penn famously said, “The country life is to be preferred, for there, we see the works of God; but in cities little else but the works of men.” This quote perfectly sums up the allure of country living.

On the Western Slope, you’ll find picturesque natural hot springs, world-class ski slopes, a thriving wine country, aspen forests, thousands of sparkling lakes and rivers, and so much more. It’s the only place in Colorado where your quiet enjoyment of nature is a right, not a privilege.

While the Western Slope accounts for 38% of Colorado’s land, it only holds 10% of the population. There’s simply more life to enjoy here

The Western Slope is home to some of the best small towns in Colorado. If you’re looking at country homes for sale in Colorado, forget settling for a few acres close to Denver and opt for true country living instead.