Home to a thriving agricultural community, Western Colorado is a hot spot for everything from large commercial farming operations to small hobby farms. People tend to move here with an affinity for nature, sustainability, and community, and considering the massive amounts of farmland in Western Colorado, they lean toward agriculture as a way to unite them all.

When you’re starting a hobby farm, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by endless opportunities for land and agriculture in Western Colorado. As a farmer myself and an expert in Western Colorado realty, I’ve seen firsthand how to start a hobby farm from scratch. Here are my top tips to help you establish and maintain yours.

Start Your Hobby Farm Small

They say that comparison is the thief of joy, and this couldn’t be more true in the pursuit of your hobby farm in Western Colorado. Especially if you’re new to farming, comparing your knowledge and success to the experienced hobby or commercial farmers will discourage you from ever trying to pursue your passions.

Consider your reasons for starting a hobby farm and build your operation around them. For example, if you want to live a more sustainable lifestyle and grow your own food, you can get a few chickens and have farm-fresh eggs. If you want to enjoy the company of animals, pick an animal you love – cows, sheep, goats, horses – and try raising one to get a feel for it.

Don’t Worry About Making Your Hobby Farm Profitable Yet

A hobby farm is called a “hobby” for a reason. If you were supposed to make a full-time job out of your hobby farm, it would be a commercial farm.

Instead of trying to turn a profit from your hobby farm, focus on how your hobby farm can sustain you and your family. You can plant a vegetable garden, raise chickens for eggs, have a few cows for beef, keep some goats for milk, and so much more. If you happen to make a bit of extra money from selling the excess products, that’s even better.

Get Advice From Other Local Farmers

There’s nobody better than other local hobby farmers to give you advice about raising animals, growing crops, irrigating your land, and selling your products at local farmer’s markets and fairs. Furthermore, different areas of Western Colorado are primed for different types of livestock and crops.

When it comes to starting a hobby farm, local farmers can also give you advice about best practices to avoid farm debt. This advice could range from not planting a certain crop during a specific growing season to connecting you with someone who’s selling fencing material to help offset the cost of your new pen.

Embrace Time

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you shouldn’t expect to build your hobby farm in a day either. Get comfortable growing one crop or raising one kind of animal before jumping two feet into another. Plus, remember that your hobby farm is supposed to be a hobby, so try not to get in over your head when you’ve barely begun.

Ready to Start Your Hobby Farm in Western Colorado?

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