When it comes to selling your land and hunting property in Colorado, you want to work with a real estate broker who knows how to position and market the opportunity to potential buyers. This kind of real estate marketing requires special skills and advertising because the buyer pool looking at hunting property for sale is significantly smaller than that for in-town homes. More likely than not, hunting land for sale in Colorado will require a national marketing and advertising campaign to find the perfect out-of-state buyer who’s been waiting to jump on a unique investment.

Being a RealTree Land Pro with United Country Real Estate is a unique designation, showing that your real estate broker has the skills and knowledge to execute the level of marketing required to sell your hunting property. If you want to list your hunting property for sale in Colorado, working with a United Country RealTree Land Pro offers several benefits to position your listing above similar ones on the market.

What’s It Mean to be a RealTree Land Pro?

United Country Real Estate does a great job providing its brokers with a plethora of tools and platforms to market specialty properties – farms and ranches, luxury homes, mountain cabins, off-grid escapes, in-town homes, commercial properties, and, of course, hunting land. Its partnership with RealTree gives brokers like me the opportunity to tap into a national buyer pool to market your hunting land for sale in Colorado.

As a RealTree Land Pro, I can advertise my hunting property listings on RealTree UC’s website, exposing your property to billions of potential buyers across the nation. RealTree’s national website gets 2.3 billion hits every year, and the RealTree logo on your property listing gives it instant credibility in the eyes of buyers. Last year, RealTree Hunting Properties was the leading seller of hunting properties in the United States, achieving $5 billion in sales with 22,290 transactions.

Why Should a RealTree Land Pro List My Hunting Property for Sale?

Being a RealTree Land Pro is another notch in my belt that speaks to my ability to market and sell specialty properties in Western Colorado. It’s also a huge advantage to you as a seller because you get to benefit from the exposure RealTree gives your property, resulting in a faster sale, better offers, and a higher selling price.

RealTree United Country Hunting Properties has extensive website, TV, digital, and print marketing and advertising avenues that show your hunting property to vetted buyers who are searching for that exact property type. In 2021, the buyer pool reached 750,000, meaning that your hunting property is shown to at least that many buyers as soon as you list with a Land Pro.

Specialty Real Estate in Western Colorado Needs Broad Digital Exposure

I’ll continue to hammer home this point on my blog forever, because specialty real estate in Western Colorado requires broad exposure to sell. Just because in-town homes are flying off the market doesn’t mean your 600-acre hunting property on the Grand Mesa is going to fly off the market too. It’s going to take a lot longer to find a buyer for such a unique property because of the price, the lifestyle, the purpose, and the buyer’s location. Not every person is sitting at their computer wondering how to buy hunting property.

If you’re listing a hunting property for sale in Western Colorado, you should do everything in your power to list with a qualified real estate broker who can find you the right buyer and get you offers faster. At United Country Real Estate Western Land & Lifestyle Properties, our connection to RealTree Hunting Properties and my RealTree Land Pro certification mean that we’re leaning on over 90 years of experience and the largest database of hunting property buyers in the nation. Let’s have a conversation about how we can market your hunting property best and help you sell for the highest possible price.