How To Choose The Right Colorado Real Estate Broker

In the vast world of Colorado real estate, where every agent holds a license and has a digital presence, it’s essential to recognize that not all real estate brokers are created equal. When finding a real estate broker listing and marketing Colorado properties for sale, you need more than just a licensed professional; you need […]

Why Choose an ALC to List Your Land For Sale in Western Colorado

When listing your land for sale in Western Colorado, you want to ensure that you’re working with the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the industry. That’s where Accredited Land Consultants (ALCs) come in. ALCs are not just land sales professionals; they are the most accomplished, experienced, and high-performing experts in land real estate transactions. […]

Know Your Role in the Western Colorado Real Estate Game

As a broker in the Western Colorado Realty market, I play a critical yet strictly defined role in real estate transactions. If I’m representing a seller, my job is to market the property to find potential buyers. If I’m representing a buyer, my job is to show them properties that meet their specifications. My job […]

What Your Colorado Real Estate Broker’s Commission Actually Covers

“What commission rate do you charge?” It’s one of the first questions a potential seller asks their realtor when listing Colorado real estate for sale. However, the answer isn’t always straightforward because commission rates come with whats and whys. Knowing the percentage is one thing, but understanding the services rendered within that percentage is vastly […]

The Listing Price of Your Country Home is Just a Tool

When selling your country home in Colorado, it’s easy to fixate on the listing price. After all, it’s one of the first things buyers use to sort properties when browsing homes for sale in the area. However, it’s important to remember that a listing price is just a tool – one that your broker uses […]

Why Real Estate Auctions Work To Sell Your Luxury Property

Are you feeling stuck trying to sell your luxury property in Colorado? Perhaps you’ve identified a new property to purchase and are ready to pull the trigger, but yours is still on the market. Since luxury real estate appeals to a smaller subset of buyers, it usually takes longer to find the perfect one. For […]

Why The 2023 Colorado Real Estate Market is Unique

The Colorado real estate market experiencing an unprecedented shift that affects sellers and buyers alike. While real estate prices are leveling out as a result of rising interest rates, inventory is still low and demand is still high. Let’s look at the data. The median sale price of homes in Colorado is down only 1.8% […]

How To Stage Your Colorado Mountain Cabin to Attract More Buyers

With mountains and mountain lovers galore, Colorado has a great real estate market for cabins. If you’re listing a cabin for sale in Colorado and want to make the most of the state’s thriving market, you need to know a thing or two about staging and presenting the property to appeal to your target buyers. […]

What Happens if the Appraisal is Lower Than the Offer?

As real estate brokers, we try our best to run detailed comparative market analyses to determine the best listing price for your property. However, if there aren’t a lot of similar properties in the area that recently sold, we have to use our best judgment. Furthermore, if a property has a major defect that isn’t […]

4 Things That Make Colorado Ranches For Sale More Valuable

When you start browsing Colorado ranches for sale, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes one ranch more valuable than another. Naturally, you want to make a wise investment, but how do you know if it’s better to have priority water rights or new corrals? To save you the trouble of wondering, here […]