During the second week of March, I attended the United Country Real Estate convention at Miramar Beach in Destin, Florida. As with every convention, I caught up with old friends, made new connections, shared ideas, and came home ready to implement some new tactics into my real estate marketing strategy.

However, this convention stood out from those previous, and it wasn’t just because my hotel room balcony overlooked the beach (although that was a huge bonus). All week long, I got recognized for my social media channels and website. Other brokers and agents would see me in the hallway or at dinner and compliment my most recent video or blog post.

I didn’t expect this recognition at all because I only opened my brokerage, United Country Real Estate Western Land & Lifestyle Properties, in April 2020. It’s still a one-man show in the wide world of Western Colorado realty (or one and a half if you count my marketing director and daughter, Kayla Klein). Needless to say, we’re a small, growing real estate office in tiny Cedaredge, Colorado. I didn’t think people from across the country would be congratulating me on my content.

But it didn’t stop there. At the awards ceremony on the final night of the convention, we were shocked and honored to be called up on stage and recognized once again for our real estate marketing strategy. We won the United Country Real Estate Genesis Award for excellence in marketing and branding.

I know that our real estate marketing strategy is top-notch. We create weekly blog posts, rank on the first page of results for over 200 keywords, have two TikTok accounts, two Instagram accounts, and a YouTube channel that all receive frequent updates. Whenever a lead generation opportunity presents itself, we jump on it.

Nonetheless, as a small, growing real estate office in tiny Cedaredge, Colorado, I didn’t expect to be recognized for real estate marketing on a national level. However, it goes to show that it doesn’t matter how small your office is, how long you’ve been a real estate broker, or how large your sales volume is – real estate marketing is all about creating brand awareness for yourself and your listings. Let’s talk about that.

Why Is Real Estate Marketing Important?

A great real estate marketing strategy has two major components: promoting yourself and promoting your listings. How well you promote one works to strengthen the other. For example, as you promote your listings, you build credibility, showing potential new sellers your gorgeous listing presentation, detailed property descriptions, and ability to market and sell. On the other hand, promoting your knowledge and services also builds trust and credibility with potential sellers, so you get more listings and can continue the marketing cycle.

People aren’t just going to list their property for sale with you because you have a real estate license. In Colorado, there are thousands more real estate agents than properties for sale. The brokers and agents getting listings take the time to nurture relationships with potential clients, build audiences of potential buyers, educate sellers and buyers about maximizing their real estate transactions, and do justice to promote the listings they do get.

How To Create a Real Estate Marketing Strategy

When it comes to creating a real estate marketing plan for your brokerage or personal brand, it’s a long-term game. You can’t expect one social media post or one blog post to get you all the leads you need to be successful. It takes hundreds of social media posts and dozens of blog posts to show potential clients that you’re knowledgeable, trustworthy, and can effectively market their property.

We’ve been writing a blog post every week since the end of 2020. While these blog posts serve to bolster my SEO strategy, they also educate buyers, sellers, and other real estate professionals about how to make the most of the current Colorado real estate market.

At the convention, people kept asking me, “Are you seeing a lot of results from the blogs?” And we are… just not in the way you may think. Nobody has picked up the phone from 5 states away after seeing one of my blog posts and wanted to list a 5 million-dollar hunting property with me. However, we’re driving tons of organic traffic back to my website every month. I’m on the first page of Google search results and sometimes the first search result for key search terms, and there’s always a new piece of content on my site to help me stay relevant. When someone does want to list their hunting property, I hope they think of me, because I’ve been on their Feed, For You Page, inbox, and mailbox for the past year and a half.

Long story short, when I created a real estate marketing strategy around what kind of properties I wanted to sell – cabins, hunting properties, luxury homes, in-town and golf-course homes, horse properties, Colorado farmland and ranches – I started getting more listings. I talked about my knowledge and passions, and people started calling me for advice. I consistently provided value to people, and they provide value to me when they trust me to list their properties.

Not to mention, our real estate marketing strategy has laid an incredible foundation for the broker associates we hire to promote themselves and their listings too. We just opened the doors of our new real estate office in Cedaredge, CO, and we’re currently looking for new brokers to join our team.

You don’t have to venture outside of Delta County to find a real estate broker who can market your property to a national audience and secure you the best price, even in a seller’s market. United Country Real Estate Western Land & Lifestyle Properties is right here. To learn more about how we can help you sell your property, give me a call at 970-986-2955.