A 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house for sale in Denver practically sells itself. A 1,884-square-foot hunting lodge on 40 acres outside the Gunnison National Forest takes a little bit more work on the marketing side. So, how do we find national buyers for niche lifestyle properties and cabins for sale in Colorado?

In April, United Country Real Estate Western Land & Lifestyle Properties closed on a 919-acre hunting property bordering the Grand Mesa National Forest: Bear Slide Ranch. The property sold for $3 million, and it was under contract only five months after hitting the market. The buyer was from Minnesota and had discovered the listing through one of our United Country private websites, which was part of our extensive national marketing and advertising campaign. We also had numerous showings to out-of-state buyers through our exclusive private buyer database.

Building Buyer Personas

When marketing a Colorado cabin property for sale, it’s crucial to build buyer personas to understand how various marketing techniques and ad delivery options will influence them. The kind of property you are listing will influence which marketing strategy is the best avenue to reach your target buyer.

For example, if I’m listing a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom log home on the outskirts of town, I will run a local ad campaign focused on print advertising, social media, and word-of-mouth. My target buyer is likely local. Now, a 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom cabin on 40 acres of land outside of a national forest calls for a national ad campaign and search-engine-optimized listing copy…

Understand How Buyers Use the Internet

The Internet is one of the most powerful tools real estate brokers can leverage to find buyers for their listings. But, with great power comes great responsibility.

How do you get your listing, blog posts, social media posts, ads, and other marketing materials to show up when your target buyer is trying to find them? That’s where SEO (search engine optimization) comes into play.

Simply put, an SEO strategy can be broken down into two main components: on-page and off-page SEO. On-page SEO requires you to add relevant keywords and search terms to your website text. Off-page SEO helps solidify your website’s credibility through relevant backlinks.

Here’s an example. I know that on average, my website is the third result on Google for the phrase, “national forest cabins for sale Colorado,” and that I receive a 25% click-thru rate on that result. Using that keyphrase in blog posts and my listing copy will help my website move higher up in the results. Furthermore, my advertising strategy involves sharing my listing through third-party website ads, over 3,500 specialty property websites, and dozens of UC property groups. Thus, establishing credibility.

Why Marketing Matters

Now, there are many other components to a well-rounded real estate marketing strategy – blog posts, property videos, email newsletters, social media posts, PR, and thought leadership, to name a few. However, when it comes to out-of-state buyers and effectively marketing cabins for sale in Colorado, I’ve found that a solid SEO strategy is the first step because potential buyers need to find you before they follow you.

If you’re thinking about selling your cabin property in Colorado, I’d love to help you market it and find the right buyer. Alternatively, if you’ve stumbled upon this post because you’re looking for a cabin property in Colorado, you can check out some of my listings here.