When you think of the best western locations in Colorado, what surfaces? Mountains? Hunting? Hiking? Winter recreation? What about agriculture? Colorado’s agricultural industry is thriving. Of the state’s 66.3 million acres, 31.7 million acres are agricultural.

In Western Colorado, agriculture is king. While the Western Slope of Colorado is only home to 10% of the population, it accounts for 38% of the state’s land, much of which is dedicated to farms and ranches. Mesa, Montrose, and Delta counties have some of the region’s most productive land for producing peaches, sweet corn, fruit trees, berries, and more.

The Western Slope is the perfect mix of climate and tradition to keep the farms and ranches flourishing. The Western Colorado region has dry air, abundant sunshine, warm days, and cool nights, creating excellent growing conditions for crops and hay for livestock. Many farms here have been family-run for decades.

Perhaps the most incredible thing about Western Colorado agriculture is that people from all over the state (and even the Western region of the country) enjoy the crops grown right here in our Western Colorado cities.

The most well-known crops include Western Colorado wineries, Palisade peaches, Olathe sweet corn, Cedaredge apples, and cattle raised throughout the region.

Best Western Locations in Colorado and What They Produce

Below is a glimpse of the top agricultural counties on the Western Slope and what they’re known for producing.

What Western Colorado Ranchers Should Know

If you’re looking at Western Colorado land for sale to grow crops or raise livestock, there are several things you should understand before you pull the trigger.

First, note your goals for the land, like whether you only want to farm, build a house, raise a family, or generate rental income. Notating your goals will ensure you ask your Western Colorado real estate broker the right questions about the land’s previous use, zoning regulations, and nearby utilities.

Next, research your Colorado water rights to determine irrigation systems and if the land can even sustain crops or hay for livestock. Colorado has strict water laws that govern the use of a water source, even if it’s on your property.

Find Western Colorado Ranches For Sale with the Help of an Expert Real Estate Broker

The agricultural diversity among Western Colorado cities helps the region thrive for farmers and ranchers of all shapes and sizes. Whatever shape and size of farm or ranch appeal to you, consulting with a Western Colorado real estate broker will ensure you pick the right location to achieve your agricultural goals and fulfill your ideal lifestyle.

Having lived on the Western Slope of Colorado for 15 years and as a local cattle rancher, I’m an expert in real estate and how you can maximize your investment. Let’s have a conversation about selling your Colorado farmland or helping you find the ideal Western Colorado land for sale.